Happy Giveaway Day from Persimon Dreams

I have about 2 seconds to catch your attention before you scroll down to see how you can win what I have to giveaway!  A friend of mine suggested my adorable daughter eating an apple while sitting on a quilt and holding an adorable kitten … I just couldn’t get that together in time.


So I decided to go with this fabulous photo taken by Karmen Lindner Photography.  It was from a special challenge I hosted on my blog in 2015.  In February of this year, nearly 250 quilts made it to my house which we hung on a deer fence it our orchard.

If you decide that you want to follow along on this blog, facebook or instagram you’ll find that there will be lots of eye candy here – in the form of beautiful quilts and beautiful photography!

There will also be quilt challenges, inspiration, fun recipes and more shared!

The whole show

The eighth season of Project QUILTING starts on January 1st – lots of inspiration lots of fun, and yeah – LOTS of prizes! 

I’m working on a fun new quilt along for the new year … details still to come.

Alright… enough about this blog!  Let’s see what I’m GIVING AWAY this week!…



One lucky randomly drawn person will win a “Olive’s Flower Market” charm pack, “Valley” mini charm pack, a “Friends in Wild Places” panel (it’s adorable!) and four spools Aurifil thread – 2370, 2850, 2930 and 4173!!!

I will ship internationally.

REQUIRED:  Easy – Just leave me a comment answering this question:
Be sure to include your email address so I’m able to contact you when you win!  If I can’t contact you I will choose a different winner.

Do you have a favorite ornament/craft project/baking that you do at the holidays?  Please share your traditions!

BONUS Entries  Leave a separate comment for each to gain extra entries

You can enter to win through Sunday, December 11th at 5pm PST.  Winner will be emailed by Wednesday, December 14th & prizes will be in the mail no later than Friday, December 16th.

Seriously – if you don’t leave your email address, I won’t be able to get ahold of you and you won’t get the prize … seriously!

And…now that you’ve entered my giveaway – head back to SewMamaSew and see what other blogger’s have to offer!!!

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Challenge Schedule for Season 8 of Project QUILTING

It’s about time I post the entire challenge schedule for Season 8 of Project QUILTING

Are you as excited as I am for the eighth season of Project QUILTING?


Here’s a little montage of the six (well eight because I made three bags for one challenge) quilted projects I completed for Season 7.

January 1st: Challenge 1 Announced at Noon CST
January 8th:  Challenge 1 Due – Must be linked up by Noon CST

January 15th: Challenge 2 Announced at Noon CST
January 22nd:  Challenge 2 Due – Must be linked up by Noon CST

January 29th: Challenge 3 Announced at Noon CST
February 5th:  Challenge 3 Due – Must be linked up by Noon CST

February 12th: Challenge 4 Announced at Noon CST
February 19th:  Challenge 4 Due – Must be linked up by Noon CST

February 26th: Challenge 5 Announced at Noon CST
March 5th:  Challenge 5 Due – Must be linked up by Noon CST

February 12th: Challenge 6 Announced at Noon CST
March 19th:  Challenge 6 Due – Must be linked up by Noon CST

Below is a Project QUILTING Google Calendar I created so you can easily integrate it into your own google calendar and never miss a new challenge or a deadline!

Below is an affiliate ad.  I would get paid if you purchase anything after you click the link below but I do have to say that I’ve had nothing but good experiences with ModCloth.

Take a Class with Kim Lapacek–Dresden Neighborhood

It is a bit weird putting my own name in the title – Kim Lapacek – instead of me but some things are necessary to make a more efficient search.

At the beginning of November I was honored to teach the Northeast Wisconsin Modern Quilt Guild my Dresden Neighborhood Workshop.  This was a fabulous group of women and they have an amazing space in Ripon, WI to work!  If you’re in the area and are a quilter I can’t recommend this guild enough!


(Did I mention there was a coffee shop right across the street – yeah!)

IMG_3000My students always love that I come around randomly and take pictures of them as they work.  I always promise that I won’t post anything if it’s not a good shot.  But how adorable is Cindy!?IMG_3032

Each class I teach not only do the students learn how to make this fabulous, whimsical little quilt but I learn from them!  I think my favorite thing is to see all the different beautiful stitches they utilize to secure the houses down.  This project is a great opportunity to use those stitches you bought your machine for in the first place yet rarely use!


And here is a collage of what these talented ladies came up with (so far!).  I can’t wait to see their finish products!

I know it’s last minute but if you’d like to join in on my next class I’ll be teaching my Dresden Neighborhood Workshop at Mill House Quilts THIS Wednesday, December 7th from 9:30 to 3:30. It’s not too late to give them a call and sign up!

Treasured Quilts of Wisconsin on PBS Now Streaming

Most of you know that this past Tuesday not only did my oldest daughter turn 10 but the show “Treasured Quilts of Wisconsin” aired on Wisconsin PBS.

kim pbs

I am so grateful that I didn’t look bad during the interview!  Whew!

The whole show is really quite incredible.  It’s so neat to see such a wide variety of styles and genres all just in a sampling of quilters from Wisconsin. If you don’t get Wisconsin PBS you can actually view the show online now – just click HERE.  My segment starts at around 34:40 but be sure to watch the others too!

I would love to hear what you think! 

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Season 8 of Project QUILTING–A Behind the Scenes Look

In less than one month Season 8 of Project QUILTING begins - going strong since 2010! 
In the first seven seasons of Project QUILTING:

  • 52 challenges were issued
  • 1,488 projects were started-and-finished within the one-week guideline of the challenge
  • Participants represented 42 US states, 5 Canadian provinces, plus 10 other countries 
  • TONS of prizes were awarded and delivered
**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

How does all this happen? With a lot of work, and a little luck! I'll tell you more in a minute: but first, a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

After seven years as amazing challenge designer, my mother-in-law Diane Lapacek has decided to retire.

Fortunately, I knew right away who to ask, and SHE SAID YES! I’m happy to welcome Trish Frankland, aka Quilt Chicken, into the position of Challenge Giver (Trish Frankland, RFQ, CG) for Project QUILTING! You may already know Trish as a PQ participant and from her cameos here on my blog. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with new challenges for our Season 8!

Before the season of Project Quilting begins, there's a lot of work happening behind the scenes. First, we have to make it through the fall apple season here on my family's orchard. It's three months of non-stop action at the store and farm, which closes for the season at Thanksgiving.

Just as soon as I can (about December 1), I turn my attention back to Project QUILTING. I make a schedule of the dates the challenges will be issues, and the dates the challenges are due. Typically we begin on the first Sunday of the month … this year, that's January 1.

I send out many, many emails to potential sponsors explaining why they should want to donate prizes to this fun program. (Always looking: if you know a business who you think would be a good fit, let me know). Mostly, I tell them how wonderful and enthusiastic all of you are!
I create a spreadsheet and schedule of all the prizes to be awarded. Some will be shipped to me to ship to you - others will be shipped directly to the winners. I also collect the promo materials from our sponsors: "buttons" for the blog, website/social media links, etc. … all that information needs to be managed. 

While that's happening behind the scenes, out in the online world I’m starting to promote Project QUILTING via Facebook, online groups, Instagram, and through my website, blog and newsletter. I work hard to get folks excited for the new season and ensure they've marked the opening date on their brand-new calendar.

This year for the first time I'll be hosting an Instagram hop. I'm hoping that will draw some new interest and enthusiasm - make sure you're following there and using our hashtags to help build the hype! 

Questions? Oh, there are a millions of questions amidst all of this promotion and emails and contacts - and I’m happy to work through questions to make it all run smoothly.

Once Project QUILTING begins, I promote the challenge throughout the week, offer encouragement and give advice as needed to help participants stay inspired, answer more questions, and help folks link up their project. I also love to keep track of who's participating, where they're from, and how many challenges they finish throughout the season (this is where all those fun stats come into play).

During the off-week, I draw winners, send out newsletters, promote the viewer's choice voting, notify winners and collect addresses, connect with sponsors, and shipping prizes.

Plus, I have a husband and three very active young daughters.

So why do I do all this work? (yes, sometimes I ask myself that question too)

It's simply because I love the community of Project QUILTING.

In the last seven years, I’ve met people from all over the world. I’ve watched folks learn new skills, try new techniques and blossom as a result of these challenges.

But it's also about me. These challenges have changed me from a crafter to an artist. I've been inspired to find my passion, to follow my dreams, and to create the art I want to make. My quilts have been in national quilt shows, were featured on “Sewing with Nancy” and in print, and some of my work has even won ribbons. I use these challenge-inspired quilts in my guild presentations, and I believe I have helped others to take their own quilting to the next step.
Yes, there are headaches along the way: Is there anything good we do that doesn’t involve a headache or two? But in the grand scheme of things, Project QUILTING is worth it to me.
In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing a series of blog posts to help you prepare for the new season's challenges. (No, Trish hasn't spilled the beans on what they'll be yet!) I'm planning to share my veteran experience on topics like where to buy fabric, how to store supplies and even great pre-planned meals you can rely on when you’re on a tight timeline.

I hope you've enjoyed this peek behind the curtain at the behind-the-scenes administration for Project QUILTING, I look forward to discussing prep work with you all this month, and most of all I hope you decide to join the fun this year!

You've got nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

Give the gift of Creativity!

With the holiday’s right around the corner is the better gift than the gift of creativity!?

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Are you still trying to figure out the perfect gift for that creative person in your life.  Well – look no farther - Get a CreativeLive Gift Card!!! 

With the holidays right around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity for you to give the gift of knowledge with a CreativeLive class. Now even easier than ever, you can send a class as a gift to a loved one on the day of purchase or scheduled for a future date.

Just a few possible classes to sign up for:

It’s hard to find a perfect gift for folks and thinking outside the box is always a great option!

Sign Up at CreativeLive

My Creative 2016

My good and extremely talented friend Sharon of Color Girl Quilts is hosting a fun event on instagram – My Creative 2016.  To find out all the details about what this event entails be sure to head over to THIS blog post.

Of course … I’m joining in the fun and today was the first day.kim creator

The prompt today is My Creative Passion. Well I love color, texture and patterns and I love mixing them in unexpected ways. For the last few years I've actually focused on making quilts but I've dabbled in jewelry making, painting and pottery. I'll pretty much give anything creative a try! I've also discovered a passion for public speaking about where I find my inspiration and how I do what I do. It's such a joy to share my passion with others.


Here’s a list of the prompts for the first week so I hope you join in on some instagram fun!

PS. It’s day 1 of Cheryl Sleboda’s “31 Day Blog Challenge” – are you joining in the fun?