Pip is 4!

It’s been a joyous couple of days around the Lapacek household.  Our beautiful baby girl, Persimoni Mae (most of you know her as Pip) turned 4 yesterday!

I normally link up to my kiddo’s birth story for those that are interested but I’m noticing I didn’t really write one up for Pip.  Craziness!  I do recommend for a fun look back at Pip pictures over the year – my post for her 3rd birthday is pretty great.

birthday pip candles

Pip started out her birthday by having a birthday donut complete with four candles and a song!  (Don’t ask about Pip’s hair … she thought she had made it ‘beautitul!’)


Then before school her sisters gave Pip her presents – Cedi a bubble machine. 


And Capri gave her a microphone.  I have one happy Pip!

Pip and I went on an adventure for her birthday.  Once we got the kids on the bus I loaded Pip into the van.  She wasn’t thrilled about going on a ‘van adventure’ versus a ‘walking adventure’ through the orchard but I knew it would be worth it.


Pip fell asleep on the way to our adventure but once she woke up, turned around and saw where we were she exclaimed – “You are the best mommy ever!”


We went to the Monona Dream Park which is the form of a castle.  It was a magical time for Pip.IMG_8797


And of course – she made a new friend.  Everywhere we go, Pip tends to find other kids and become there friends.  It’s great to see how much fun she has meeting others.  IMG_8830

We decided to check out another park we could see from the dream park and of course – Pip made even more new friends!


We welcomed the girls home on the bus by making bubbles with Pip’s new machine.IMG_8902

See how excited Pip is about her ‘My Little Pony’ underwear!  I love it!


And this was the gift I was most excited about!  7 Disney Princess dolls!  To make it even better – Target’s Cartwheel program had a 50% off coupon for it when I was there shopping!  Score!

I had a wonderful day with Pip and I know she felt that her day was super special too.  And now that I have a four year old – I never have to deal with the monster-like 3 year old attitude again right!?

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  1. Can't believe Pip is four and that's your baby!! Good luck with that no more monster like 3 year old attitude ;) Enjoy every minute with all your girls, they grow to fast.


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